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NOTE: as soon as you purchase credits on the "Thank You" page YOU MUST CLICK THE URL AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE to redeem your credits

  • You are purchasing credits (a virtual currency).
  • Once you've redeemed the credits into your account, You will be able to allocate your available credits to specific banner advertisements that you own in the Banner Management Section
  • Every time your banner is displayed, 1 credit is deducted against that banner.
  • Every time your banner is clicked on, 40 credits are deducted against that banner.
  • Clicks and impressions are not guaranteed, what you are buying is a potential maximum budget to assign to your banner ads.
  • Actual number of clicks and impressions will depend on your banner performance.
  • You can view your campaign performance in the Reports Section
  • You will receive a reminder email to recharge your ads when credits for that banner are low.
  • Once a banner ad expires (you have no more credits left for that campaign), your ad will no longer be rotated by our ad server
  • When your banner expires, you will also receive an email notification from our system
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